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By Steve Almond

ISBN-10: 1612194168

ISBN-13: 9781612194165

On any given Sunday, soccer capabilities extra like a countrywide faith than a recreation. hundreds of thousands of fanatics assemble each weekend in autumn to soak up the grace, drama, and pageantry of the sport. in truth, we like soccer quite a bit we’ve turn into unaware of its dangers.

Simply positioned: the sport isn’t strong for us. scientific examine confirms what the headlines hold reporting: soccer reasons mind harm. loved corridor of Famers are actually being affected by dementia and taking their very own lives. It’s not only the professionals who suffer, both. young children and teens are vulnerable to an analogous varieties of accidents, with an identical long term results—perhaps much more so.

But football’s mental and financial hazards—though extra subtle—are simply as profound.

Here, manhattan occasions bestselling writer Steve Almond information why, after 40 years as a fan, he can not watch the sport he nonetheless loves. utilizing a synthesis of memoir, reportage, and cultural critique, Almond steps again from the seductive din of the gridiron to invite a chain of provocative questions:

• What does it suggest that our society has transmuted the intuitive actual joys of childhood—run, jump, throw, tackle—into a billion-dollar industry?
• How did a recreation that motives mind harm develop into the best signifier of our associations of upper learning?
• Does our dependancy to soccer foster a tolerance for violence, greed, racism, and homophobia?

There hasn't ever been a ebook that exposes the darkish underside of America’s favourite online game with such searing candor.

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