Download e-book for kindle: A Tajik Persian Reference Grammar by John R. Perry

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By John R. Perry

ISBN-10: 9004143238

ISBN-13: 9789004143234

This can be the 1st finished reference grammar of Tajik, the Persian of crucial Asia, to seem in English. It describes the trendy literary language, with examples of colloquial and dialect utilization, from the early Soviet interval (1920s) up till Tajikistan's independence after 2001. Grammatical examples, taken from a number of literary assets, are given in either the Cyrillic and Perso-Arabic scripts. whole verb paradigms, a grammatical index, and parallel word-indexes in either writing platforms make it effortless to discover specific issues. crucial for the Iranologist and comparative linguist, for the the scholar or instructor of Tajik Persian, and a invaluable complement if you paintings with Persian of Iran or Afghanistan. With wide indexes.

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Resonants and fricatives) may combine fairly freely: -Д -xs, -rf, -rs, -rz, -rx, -rj, -he, -nj are among the most common combinations. However, resonants and nasals come first in combination and stops occur as the final consonant only when preceded by a continuant, in the combinations -st, -sU -sk, -ft, -xt, -rd, -rg, -Ix, -nd, -ng, -mb, -sp. g. L aqutb 'pole', PHONOLOGY AND ORTHOGRAPHY j a 29 о majd 'glory', ^ l l i sukr 'thanks'. , sukr-ulloh /Sukrullo/ 'thank God'; as final clusters, they have been "domesticated" (and native clusters further simplified) by one of three strategies: (1) Separation by means of an epenthetic vowel: sukr /§ukur/ 'thanks', atr /atr/ 'perfume'; сатил J > " ...

Stress is word-final in nominals (inc. Infinitives, participles), and progresses to include plural and derivational suffixes: kitöb 'book', kitobhö 'books', fatoWliterary, bookish'. 17); kitoobas, kitob-i vay 'his book', kitobhoyamon, kitobho-i mo 'our books'; raftdn 'to go, going, departure', raftdnaton 'your departure'; raftä 'gone', raftagon 'the departed (ones)'. Monosyllabic function words such as complementizerfa",emphatic ham, interrogative -ml (which are often enclitics, prosodically, if not orthographically) carry no stress in comparison with adjacent syllables.

2), the five long vowels were paired with three short PHONOLOGY AND ORTHOGRAPHY 33 vowels, ä : a, lie : /, й/ö : и for purposes of contrasting long and short syllables in poetry. By poetic license, a short vowel might be substituted for its (canonical) long equivalent in some frequentlyoccurring words. , niko : nikö (in Tajik, некӯ j < y - : накӯ ^£J») 'good'; büd : bud : jj_» (л-», both буд in Cyrillic). 6; for noy, see next). The variation even provides a few lexical doublets: nay 'reed, cane, pipe, flute'; noy is the poetical variant in these senses, but cf.

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