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By Peter F. Copeland

ISBN-10: 0486415449

ISBN-13: 9780486415444

Even although they fought on opposing aspects, such a lot infantrymen within the Civil warfare have been equally informed, got here from rural backgrounds, spoke an identical language, and knew an analogous songs. in addition they shared an analogous risks and hardships of an enlisted man’s lifestyles. during this informative coloring booklet artist Peter Copeland dramatically captures the risk, tedium, or even lighter moments of a soldier’s existence — from preliminary recruitment to the “Grand assessment” in Washington at war’s end.
Forty-five realistically rendered illustrations depict reports universal to either Union and accomplice soldiers—new recruits asserting goodbye to household, attempting on uniforms, studying the care and use of muskets, spending a calm night in camp, creating a unwell name on the infirmary, posing for a photographer, ready hopefully for mail, dealing with a cavalry assault, paying final respects to fallen comrades, and masses more.
Informative captions whole this well-researched, skillfully illustrated booklet, guaranteed to locate keen enthusiasts between coloring ebook fans, Civil warfare buffs, and an individual attracted to American history.

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