Download e-book for kindle: A Handbook Pali Literature by Oskar von Hinüber

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By Oskar von Hinüber

ISBN-10: 3110149923

ISBN-13: 9783110149920

The instruction manual surveys the total of Pali Theravada Buddhist literature (Ceylon, South East Asia). It stories prior learn within the box, after which concentrates on new methodological methods and a therapy of later Pali literature (after the 12th century).

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The last four Suttantas are different from all others in DN in one respect or the other. No. 30 LakkhaQasuttanta "text on the marks (of a mahlipurisa "great man")" contains verses in various complicated metres, hardly known otherwise ll9 . No. 31. SiIigalovadasuttanta "text on the instruction of SiIigala" treats the ethics for laymen and is called gihivinaya "Vinaya for the house-holders". The instruction is given in the form of questions and answers, and may have been some kind of manual for teaching lay- 116 117 118 119 For the time being cf.

L: Kolver 1992. It is not possible to benefit from Hoffmann 1992, 28 II. The Theravada Canon § 10-155 about-lOO-timesjnMN, while SN and ANare quite different. , and that these discourses are called veyyiikaralJa "explanation", and again not Suttanta 104. Quite unique is the end of the Mahaparinibbanasuttanta, which is an unusual text in many ways (§ 60): eva~ eta~ bhutapubban ti, DN II 167,21 "thus it was in former times", which is followed by verses (cf. § 236). - -----fi~d the texts of the Nikayas under the following headings: 1.

Alsdorf 1965: 69sq. In his review of Alsdorf 1967, de long 1972: 210 raises serious doubts about the trustworthyness of this tradition. Alsdorf 1967: 60 note 2. Cf. j~M-~2: ~ -- 20 II. First the Patimokkhasutta is created by incorporating older pre-Buddhist material, mostly by reformulating the rules, and by providing the framework necessary for recitation that is the introduction to the individual rules and the connecting texts between the groups of rules. Then a commentary on this text develops, of which a part survives in the Mahavagga (§ 26).

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