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New PDF release: A Drop Around the World

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By Barbara Shaw McKinney

This publication is a year-after-year favourite with academics. It engagingly leads readers around the globe following a drop of water - even if as steam or snow, inside of a plant or animal, or underground - educating the wonders and significance of the water cycle. (There is a lot of geography, too.) 4 pages of technology concerning the traits of water are integrated.

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But sometimes water pollutes itself by dissolving things that shouldn’t be there, so it must be purified. One way to solve this problem is to run water through a filter, trapping the unwanted things. Another way is to let the water evaporate, leaving the impurities behind. Then we can condense the pure water vapor by cooling it back into crystal clear water. This is called distilled water. Body Buddy Water sneaks in and out of your body every day, all the time, whether you know it or not. It soaks right into your skin when you get wet, and you even inhale it as vapor when you breathe!

Did you know that your body is 65 percent water? Everybody needs water—lots of it. Cloud Maker Drink plenty of water, then “huff” outside on a frosty morning. Warm vapor from your body hits cold air, condenses, and…presto! A tiny cloud! Similarly, the warm earth “breathes” warm air which rises, cools and…presto! A cloud is born. • Low hanging gray clouds that blanket the sky are called stratus clouds. They bring rain. • Puffy white cumulus clouds form higher up on fair weather days. • Dark thunderheads called cumulonimbus clouds bring storms.

Dissolvin’ Solvent In the blink of an eye, clean water changes its colorless, tasteless, odorless self into the color, taste, and fragrance of things it dissolves. Water jiggles in gelatin, bubbles in the bath, and tastes fruity in tropical punch. It dissolves Easter egg dye, powdered milk, and even the minerals in rock. And of course water dissolves soap, and together this dynamic duo dissolves dirt! Yes, water is the world’s best solvent. Stupendous Bend-Ability Water can do a remarkable thing—it can bend light.

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